Boer Goat on a hot tin roof.
Boer Goat on a hot tin roof.

Farm 51 is a labor of love. in 2000 we embarked on a journey to restore the land and water on our property in Bozeman, Montana to a productive farm and wildlife habitat.  

Today, along the banks of the East Gallatin River, Farm 51 produces natural, sustainably raised goat meat. Our farm is directly linked to the market and fork. 

Our family is proud to raise healthy animals that share their grass and habitat with native wildlife. This co-existence makes our farm a happy, special place for our family, our herd and the creatures of the Northern Rockies. 


Planet Earth. 

Northern Rockies. 

Confluence of Rocky and Kelly Creeks, headwaters to the East Gallatin River, about 14 miles upstream of the Missouri River. 

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